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Join us in showing solidarity and remembering Grenfell together.

Take a photo or a snap of something GREEN in your area! This may be something to do with nature, art, food or sight-seeing.

We will be putting all the photos together into a heart-shaped collage, that will be on display at Station Walk (next to Latimer Road Tube Station), for the anniversary on 14June 2021.

You can use any device to take the photo, including your mobile phone, iPad or a camera.

Community event: If you prefer, you can join us at Maxilla Gardens (if it is sunny) or at the Wall of Truth (if it’s raining) on Sunday 23 May, 2 to 4pm where we will have items for you to photograph and crafts for you to create green art that you can then photograph.  Make sure you keep an eye on our social media pages on the day to find out the confirmed venue.

You’ll need to email us your photo by 5pm on Thursday 27 May on grenfell.wellbeingservice@nhs.net and title the email ‘anniversary project for Sofian’

If you would like support in taking part in this activity, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

* Please note, we are unable to accept photographs of people or images with identifiable personal information.

Download graphics to share on social media below:

Download our poster to share here.
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