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Words: Advia Ahmed, Grenfell Dedicated Worker

“I was struggling a lot with my mental health during lockdown, especially in December 2020. So I thought, buy a plant. If Nadiyah Hussain (British TV chef) can use it for supporting her mental health, so can I.

I got an Amaryllis plant. It grows right in front of you.

Taking care of the plant was a symbol of my own mental health. Especially on days where I felt very low, coming down and seeing it grow gave me hope. Being able to take pictures was a lovely project.

It didn’t fix things, but it helped lift my mood.

I love and respect nature a lot. Going on long walks around some of the parks in London on rainy, cold December days was lifesaving. The feeling of the wind and rain on my face during times of lockdown and loneliness helped me feel. Now reflecting back, I realise I may not have seen the benefits of it then, but I see how it kept me sane now.

For me The best Artist is Allah (God) himself and his art is nature.”

Advia Ahmed, Grenfell Dedicated Worker